Many Christians are sleeping deeply, spiritually. We have become so comfortable that we even have the guts to snore, drool, dream up fantasies and toss about on the cozy bed we have made for ourselves.Ever heard of a soldier in the middle of an intense shoot-out against the enemy, suddenly stopping, taking a mat out of his war bag, spreading it and curling up to sleep right in the middle of the war? Crazy and totally unbelievable, right? I can bet you my entire fortune, except that soldier has an invisible shield or force-field that surrounds him or a fellow soldier is kind enough to quickly wake him, he would end up dead or grotesquely injured before a minute passes by.I want to assume you have heard the story of the race between the hare and the tortoise to prove who is fastest. That's where we got the cliché 'Slow and steady wins the race'. The fast, rather proud and overconfident hare lost the race not because he was hexed by the tortoise's magic into being very sl…


The absurd norm The frequency of the world Drifting away as though none is God The scent of eternity is so faint to many Alas, the end of the ages has befallen us all
So much noise and commotion deafens and beclouds the ears of men The distractions are stifling, almost strangling even We incline our ears to the media, the horoscope, the lies of false prophets, the seductions of our own flesh When shall we ever listen? To that simple stirring and patient nudging that seems so distant yet is nearer to us than our skin
In the midst of the mumbo-jumbo A voice springs, full of clarity Solemn yet reverberating through nature's course Sounding the alarm in the wilderness of vanity Away! Get far away, it plead earnestly From darkness, void and formlessness Lest I pounce upon you like a lioness Lest I come suddenly upon you like a thief in the night.
Let him who has ears dug out for him hear what the Spirit says The voice of the Lord thunders like the clapping of thunder in a mighty sto…


Many are called but few are chosen. You have been appointed to be a watchman(woman) for your generation. Ezekiel 33:1-20 It is not for you, as a watchman to sleep or doze off (even if you are tired, let the Spirit of God quicken your mortal body, renew your mind, renew your strength as the eagle's). It is not for you as a watchman, to get drunk with wine (lusts and pleasures of this world) wherein is excess, but to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Duties of a watchman for God Foresight / vision: Because the watchman normally stays on a higher platform (the watch tower), he can see far ahead and beyond what a ground-level believer can. That's the benefit of being seated with Christ in heavenly places, given the altitude and eye-sight of an eagle.Sounding the trumpet / warning: The watchman of the Lord blows the alarm trumpet when he sees danger approaching so as to awaken the slumbering virgins that the bridegroom cometh, to prepare the dormant soldi…
"Oh give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: because His mercy endureth for ever." Psalm 118:1 "Thank you" is so simple a phrase yet so powerful. Unfortunately, many Christians have deleted this word from their dictionary. I pray that the Lord will minister to whosoever reads this and restore the attitude of gratitude that becometh saints. There is a Yoruba adage that says "he who is thankful for the good done yesterday will no doubt receive another" and I quite agree. As christians, we should cultivate the habit of thanking God even for little things. The bible says in the book of Psalm chapter 103verses 1-2: BLESS THE LORD O MY SOUL AND ALL that is within me bless His holy name. bless the Lord o my soul and forget not all His benefits.
THANK HIM FOR KEEPING YOU ALIVE You wake up in the morning. You open those eyes of yours. You can move your legs and arms. It's not your alarm that woke you up (please keep that in mind). Do you know the arrows God …


A sacrifice is what you give that will cost you. You don’t give a sacrifice while smiling. It hurts to see your very best being given away. A sacrifice is what you let go of to please God; it is what shows God that you are serious about Him. It is literally the giving up of one's self to God. Praise is the offspring of a heart that has tasted and seen that the Lord is worthy to be glorified. It is the expression of gratitude in terms too deep for words. It is pure adoration of the One whom we love. We must note that not all sacrifices are acceptable before God. Before any sacrifice can be accepted it must meet God's requirements and standards. May the Holy Spirit enlighten us as we unveil the scripture to find out the proper way to offer praises to God.


I ascribe, to the God of spirit and flesh and everything that exists in between both realms I ascribe all praises and honor For He is the one who loved me exceedingly even while I yet wallowed in the mire of filthy slime Who rescued my soul from the tyranny of sin and satan He sanctified me with spiritual hyssop - His own blood, His very life Who removed the veil giving me a warped vision that I was living in freedom even when I was entangled in the shackles of the hater He broke the chains and made me free indeed; He anointed my eyes with eye salve so that the scales were removed and I could behold His glory
Oh, I did not deserve it an inch Oh, I loathe myself for the times I hurt Him and ignored Him when He stretched out His hands to me I remember when He tried holding me and I cruelly shoved Him off, when He called my name and I intentionally blocked my ears, when He stood out the door of my heart in the cold of winter and heat of the desert and patiently knocked while I was insid…